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ACQ Treatment

ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) treated timber is an arsenic and chrome free alternative to using CCA treated timber that has been developed to provide long term protection to wood exposed in exterior applications.

ACQ is an eco-friendly alternative to other timber containing chromium or arsenic. When you use ACQ treated timber for your project, there will be minimal leaching of chemicals out of the timber into the environment around you. This creates a pine timber that has similar advantages to hardwoods, bringing pine back into mainstream construction.

APPEARANCE | ACQ treated timber will weather to a honey brown colour before fading to a driftwood grey after exposure to the elements.

SUITABLE FOR |Outdoor use including posts and poles, roundwood decorative use, landscaping, fencing, foundations, telephone poles, motorway barriers, decking, trellis and house construction.

ACQ treated pine is a popular choice for government projects, playgrounds, parks and gardens.

ACQ treated timber and can be painted or stained to match most outdoor colour schemes. Always follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

WARRANTY | ACQ H3.2 treated pine comes complete with a 50-year treatment warranty.

ABOUT OUR ACQ OPERATIONS | Our Pinepac Roundwood Division is home to a 13-metre ACQ treatment vessel (commissioned in 2009). This allows us to process approximately 15,000m3 of treated timber annually. Pinepac Roundwood is the largest 24hr ACQ treatment operation in Auckland.