Strength by Nature

House Pile Specifications

1. Square Piles shall have a minimum dimension of 125mm.
2. The Maximum length shall be 3.6m.
3. Ordinary Square Piles shall meet the grade limitations for No.1 Framing grade timber as in NZS 3631.
4. Growth rings shall not be less than 4 growth rings between the pith and the sawn face nearest the pith. Whether or not the pith is contained within the cross section.
5. House Piles shall be of Pinus species, treated to H5 of NZS 3640. Where a timber pile is cut, notched, bored or otherwise processed after treatment the processed area shall be well dried (no visible wetness and dry to touch) and be brush-treated with a liberal application of either creosote, zinc napthenate, TBTO (bis-(tri-n-butylin) oxide) or TBTN (bis-(tri-n-butylin) napthenate). The surface shall not be cut for fixings and other purposes closer than 150mm to the finished ground level.
6. Strength shall be governed by the grade definition as detailed above (No.1 Framing NZS 3631) and shall be deemed adequate for the intended purpose.
7. Ordinary square House Piles shall be branded to meet the requirements of NZS 3640 including the provision that the brand shall be placed one third of the length from the top and facing the top.

Excerpts referenced from NZS 3605:2001

◄ Example of an Ordinary House Pile brand

The “crows foot” illustrates that the manufacturer is a WOODMARK registered licensee and a member of the New Zealand Timber Preservation Council (NZTPC).
P22 – is our unique (PINEPAC) registered House Pile Producer Number. This identifies PINEPAC as a quality pile producer, meeting the standards NZS 3605:2001.
H5 identifies the pile as being treated to the recommended hazard class for the intended end use.
01 identifies the CCA formulation used by the timber treater, whether it be CCA Oxide (01) or CCA Salt (02).

Pinepac produce House Piles in the following sizes:
600mm – Packet content 94 at 600mm
750mm – Packet content 94 at 750mm
900mm – Packet content 94 at 900mm
Please note: 600 & 750mm piles are non-stocked items and can be produced on request with 24 hours’ notice.

Pinepac House Piles in 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0 and 3.6 meter lengths all contain 55 pieces per packet.