Strength by Nature

Quality Assurance

Pinepac Group is committed to the quality production and processing of all its manufactured timber products and works under the guidelines of the Timber Preservation Council New Zealand. This control body oversees all timber preservation plants and carries out regular testing to ensure preservation and branding is to the required standard.

Pinepac Group is a Verified Timber licensed producer and our structural timber is licensed by Verified Timber Ltd complying with the New Zealand standard NZS3622:2004. This timber carries the Verified Timber trademark for assurance of timber strength and stiffness.


Pinepac Group is a registered user of the TPC’s WOODmark® Quality Assurance brand. The WOODmark brand gives you peace of mind that timber correctly treated will resist insect attack and decay.


Pinepac Group is a member of the New Zealand DRI programme. The New Zealand DRI brand brings you international standard, excellent quality assurance for kiln-dried timber.