Strength by Nature

Pinepac Roundwood

Pinepac sources its raw log supply from dense forests in the upper North Island, crafting a diverse array of Pine Roundwood products.

Posts, Strainers, ½ Rounds, ¼ Rounds:
Pinepac specializes in Round Posts, Strainer Posts, ½ rounds, and ¼ rounds. Explore our stocked sizes in our size chart.

Our poles adhere to or surpass the minimum requirements specified in NZS 3605:2001 for 'normal category' poles. Treated with CCA preservatives to NZS 3640 standards, we also offer ACQ treatment options.

H5 Construction Poles:
We produce high-density pine, ground-treated construction poles for various applications, ranging from foundations to retaining walls. Consult our Pole Specification Technical Guideline Charts for more details.

H5 House Piles:
Our 125x125mm House Piles are anchor-rated square foundation piles, verified to meet grade standards and H5 treated for longevity. Learn more from our House Piles Specification Sheet.

Transmission Poles:
Treated with C.C.A, our Transmission Poles boast a service life exceeding 50 years.

H6 Marine Piles:
Ideal for marine use, our H6 Marine Piles are treated to withstand immersion in seawater or estuarine ground, making them suitable for wharf piles and fenders, marine & jetty components.

Choose from FIS delivery or Ex Yard Pick up options for Posts and Poles.