Strength by Nature


Pinepac Group manufactures Pinepac E-frame® Structural Timber, a kiln-dried and machine-graded timber renowned for its strength. It is utilized in both residential and commercial construction projects for wall frames, roof trusses, and various load-bearing applications.

E-frame® comes in SG8, SG10, and high-strength SG12 variants, offered in a range of sizes and lengths. It is treated to different hazard classes, including H1.2 Boron, H3.1 LOSP, H3.2 CCA, and H3.2 ACQ. E-frame® offers a cost-effective solution, available in economical pack sizes or individually tailored pieces to suit your needs. It's particularly suitable for Timber Merchants and Prenail and Truss Manufacturers.

For specifics regarding framing sizes and structural grades of timber, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

Features of E-frame®:

• Conforms to NZ Standards NZS3603, NZS3640, NZS3622, and carries Verified Timber and NZ Dri Licenses for quality assurance.
• Easily identifiable with ink branding along one edge, specifying the hazard class level, treatment date, and manufacturing grade.
• Kiln-dried to achieve a target moisture content of 12-18%, facilitating faster close-ins.
• Exceptional properties for screwing, gluing, nail holding, and nail plating.
• Also offered in SG8 wet framing variant.
• Manufactured from sustainably sourced New Zealand Radiata Pine.

Grades and Characteristic Values: