Strength by Nature

Appearance Grades & Components


Pinepac manufactures Appearance Grade & Component timber tailored for furniture, joinery, fixtures, or fittings, offering a variety of grades to meet customer needs.

Timber Grades:

"A" Cut-of-Log (ACOL) Grade is sourced from the outer section of the log, comprising a blend of No.1 and No.2 cuts. Ideal for furniture components requiring clear pieces.

Remanufacturing (Reman) Grade, derived from our construction grade, is suitable for remanufacturing shorter, clear components.

Timber Preservation: Our products undergo kiln drying to achieve 14% or lower moisture content for ACOL grade and 18% or lower for Reman and INDPF grades.

Markets: Pinepac serves manufacturers in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

Timber Identification: Each packet bears a distinctive tag on its end, with kiln dried packets further wrapped in Pinepac Timber wrap.

Length: Packets contain one length, ranging from 1.8-6.0m, predominantly in longer lengths like 4.8/5.4/6.0m, facilitating efficient 40’ container loading.

Environmental Certification: Pinepac Timber is sourced from environmentally grown and harvested plantation Radiata Pine.

Safety and Handling: For safety, wear a dust mask, eye protection, and gloves when handling or cutting timber. Keep all timber dry until use, minimizing exposure to weather.