Strength by Nature

E-frame™ Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Experience the reliability of Quality Assured Pinepac E-frame™, rigorously evaluated through the E-grader™ and produced under the esteemed NZ Dri quality assurance license. With NZ Dri branded timber, you can trust in its performance and rely on its consistent quality. Each Pinepac NZ Dri branded timber piece is meticulously kiln dried to ensure unparalleled excellence.

For those seeking excellence, look no further than E-frame™ Kiln Dried Stress Graded Pine. It embodies the epitome of quality and performance.

Should you require additional assurance, batch tests are readily available upon request.

Quality Standards

Adhering to stringent quality standards, our timber testing procedures align with NZS/AS:1748 for product requirements and NZS/AS: 4063 for in-grade strength and stiffness evaluation, ensuring our commitment to delivering only the highest caliber products.