Strength by Nature


Bringing Radiata Pine to Global Markets...

Pinepac initiated its exports to Singapore in the 1970s, primarily serving the furniture industry. Our reach extended to Japan, Taiwan, and select Middle Eastern countries from Singapore. Presently, we export to Australia, the Pacific Islands, Pitcairn Island, and Korea.

With Western ITM Stores facilitating building materials and hardware supply, we cater to diverse order sizes, boasting extensive experience in timber and building material exports. Our flexibility allows for custom packet sizes tailored to individual shipping needs, offering timber in H3, H4, and H5 specifications.

Structural Timber Excellence

Pinepac's structural timber undergoes mechanical grading and independent third-party verification for quality assurance. Specifically for the Australian market, we produce SG10 and SG12 grades.

Roundwood Exports

Pinepac exports pressure-treated poles suitable for construction, foundation, and retaining wall applications. We provide both CCA and ACQ long-life preservative treatment options, including High-Density (HD) Poles for clients necessitating high-density ratings.

Certified for Excellence

Pinepac Group adheres to Biosecurity New Zealand Export Certification Standards, holding approvals for Phytosanitary Inspection, Phytosanitary Treatments, and Registered Certification Marks (ISPM15 No:279).


For further details on our export services, please contact us.