Strength by Nature

About E-frame™ SG Timber

Pinepac achieved a New Zealand milestone by becoming the first sawmill to adopt the model 200 Rotary E-grader™. This advanced grading technology has been scientifically proven to enhance accuracy in predicting timber performance and compliance with structural standards (AS/NZS 1748). The E-grader™ consistently produces machine-graded timber of superior quality, testing the timber in its true structural orientation, resulting in Pinepac E-frame™.

Our E-frame™ undergoes processing using cutting-edge machine stress grading equipment. Developed by internationally recognized engineering specialists at Forest Research and Falcon Engineering, the E-grader™ earned the Forest Industries Engineering Association's prestigious 'Technology Innovation Award' for its groundbreaking design.

In accordance with NZS 3604 and SG Graded Pine standards, Pinepac's E-frame™ has been evaluated by New Zealand Forest Research scientists. Their study concluded that SG8 meets the strength requirements equivalent to visually graded No.1 framing, as published in the Sawmilling Bulletin, Issue No.28, December 2000.

Grade markings, identified by color-coded paint flashes, indicate the specific grades of timber as it passes through the machine.

The versatility of the E-grader™ extends to stress grading specialized products such as beams, squares, piles, and scaffold planks. Pinepac offers rough sawn or machined kiln-dried E-frame™ in sizes ranging from 75x40mm to 300x100mm, available in various lengths from 2.4 to 6.0 meters.

Our E-frame™ can be supplied treated or untreated, meeting specifications including H1.2 or H3.1 for approved above-ground building use. Additionally, our products adhere to Woodmark® quality assurance standards.

For further details on available sizes and dimensions, please Contact Us directly.