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About Us

Pinepac Group - a Division of Anderson & O'Leary Ltd, brings the experience and expertise of over 80 years in the timber business to all our customers. Adding value to the process and the product is what we do best. Established in 1943, and now 9 decades and 4 generations later Pinepac Group is one of New Zealand’s leading privately owned Timber manufacturers.

Pinepac started out when felling was still done with hand cross-cut saws and axes. We knew then that pine was a very durable and versatile material, ideal for construction of all kinds. Once we began in the business we quickly established the first sawmill in the area, producing sawn timber. Our capabilities continued to grow over the years and the sawmilling business developed further with the introduction of heavy machinery to streamline the process of transporting the timber.

wei2006In 1980 we built our first high-temperature kiln, reducing the time of drying down from weeks to just 24 hours. We began to export our product to Singapore and then to the Pacific Islands and Australia.

In 1989 on the back of the growth and success of the previous decade we began to buy planting land with a look to growing our own product locally. Nowadays we have nearly 2000 acres of pine plantation. We plant, grow, harvest, process, and manufacture our own pine for both local and export use.

roundwood-2007Currently, we have two sawmills in the Auckland area; one in Whenuapai producing construction and outdoor timber, and one in Kumeu focusing on post and pole and house pile manufacturing.

Over the years the Pinepac name has become synonymous with quality pine. Our ability to add value to the timber we process has always been a strength of our company.
Experience in the varied needs of the domestic construction markets and export markets for timber has assisted us greatly in being able to process timber to the requirements of our customers.

In 2018 Anderson & O'Leary Ltd celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Founded in 1943 the company today is still owned and operated by the Anderson family. Here we look back and reflect on the company's history, the foundations, and the vision forward.

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