Strength by Nature

About Us

Pinepac Group, a division of Anderson & O'Leary Ltd, boasts over 85 years of timber industry expertise, enhancing value for our customers. Established in 1943, spanning nine decades and four generations, we're among New Zealand's top privately owned timber manufacturers.

Our journey began in a time of manual felling, embracing pine's durability and versatility. We pioneered the region's first sawmill, gradually integrating heavy machinery for streamlined timber production.

In 1980, we achieved a significant milestone with our pioneering high-temperature kiln, revolutionizing drying processes and enabling international expansion into markets like Singapore, the Pacific Islands, and Australia.

By 1989, we ventured into land acquisition for plantation growth, now controlling nearly 2000 acres, from planting to processing, for domestic and export markets.

Presently, we operate two sawmills in Auckland: Whenuapai for construction and outdoor timber, and Kumeu for post, pole, and house pile manufacturing.

Renowned for premium pine quality, Pinepac's expertise in timber value enhancement sets us apart. Our tailored processing meets diverse domestic and international demands, cementing our reputation for excellence.

In 2023, Anderson & O'Leary Ltd marked its 80th Anniversary milestone. Established in 1943, the company remains under the ownership and management of the Anderson family to this day. Here, we take a moment to revisit and contemplate the company's rich history, its foundational principles, and its aspirations for the future.

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