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Bin Sorter Construction Update

Bin Sorter Construction Update

The end is in sight….

With alot of hard work over the Christmas New Year period the Pinepac Bin Sorter nears completion.

Thanks to the hard working maintenace and construction team the roof over the Bin Sorter is completed and roofing iron is due to be fixed. All walkway sections have been completed and installed including hand rails. The main airlines, deflectors  and soft walls of the bin sorter are operational and main scaffolding removed. The final conveyor section has been installed from the yard to the recieving deck which carries not only our precious timber from the mill but network cables to enable the bin sorter/stacker and other machine centres downstream to send live data back to the sawmill. Providing valuable information on the performance of our raw material and overall sawmill productivity.

View of conveyor to Bin Sorter

Roof Construction over Pinepac Group Bin Sorter

View from crane as roof construction begins on Bin Sorter at Pinepac Group

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