Strength by Nature

Kiln Drying

In its natural state Radiata Pine is ready for a wide range of added value processing. Using modern kiln–drying and preservation techniques processed Radiata pine is an approved species under New Zealand building standards such as NZS 3603 and NZS 3604.

kiln-drying-driEach of our three high temperature kilns is capable of drying 50mm thick Radiata Pine from green 120% moisture content to kiln dry 10% moisture content in 24 hours.  Poles can also be kiln–dried or steam conditioned prior to treatment.

NZ-DRI-LogoWe utilise Dryzone in-kiln moisture measurement system which improves the ability of our operators to assess the drying process more accurately.  This ensures efficient use of energy sources and consistent drying quality.

Pinepac kiln dried timber carries the NZ Dri–brand which identifies our timber has been processed under the internationally recognized NZ Dri quality assurance licence and is guaranteed to consistently bring you the highest grade of kiln–dried timber.  It can be used in remanufacturing processes with confidence and high expectations of performance.