Strength by Nature


Delivering Radiata Pine to the world

Pinepac first began exporting to Singapore in the 1970′s, mainly supplying for the furniture industry.  From Singapore our product was also moved onto Japan, Taiwan and some of the Middle East.  We now export to Australia and the Pacific Islands as well as Pitcairn Island and Korea.

With our ability to supply building materials and hardware through our ITM Building Centres we are able to accommodate all sizes of orders and have significant experience in exporting both timber and building materials.

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We can create packet sizes to suit individual customers shipping requirements and timber is available in H3, H4 and H5 specification.

Structural Timber Qualities

Pinepac structural timber is mechanically graded and then the timbers properties are verified by an independent third party.

For the Australian Market in particular MGP10 and MGP12 are produced.

Roundwood Exports

Pinepac has exports Pressure treated poles for construction, foundation and retaining wall purposes. We offer both CCA or ACQ long life preservative treatment options for customers. High Density (HD) Poles are also available for customers who require a high density rating.

Poles on site at Pinepac Roundwood Yard

Testing Density of Poles Pinepac Roundwood










Pinepac Group is approved under the Biosecurity New Zealand Export Certification Standard Organisation Requirements for:

- Option 1. Photosanitary Insepction.

- Option 2. Phytosanitary Treatments.

- Option 5. Registered Certification Mark (ISPM15 No:279)